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Prayer for January 29th

January 29, 2014



Hello, Friends! Here is the prayer for today…

Dear Lord,

As we come to you in prayer today, we remember the words you spoke in your “Sermon on the Mount”. There is so much truth that we need to be reminded of in those words…

We are blessed when we’re poor in spirit…or when we’re at the end of our rope. When there is less of us, there is more of you and your heavenly kingdom. When we are weak you are strong in us. Thank you, Lord, for your strength…

We are blessed when we feel like we’ve lost what is most dear to us… we are blessed when we mourn, because then we can be embraced by you as you comfort us. Thank you, Lord, for your comfort…

We are blessed when we’re meek and content with just who we are— a humble child of God that is an heir to things that can’t be bought, or given to us by this world. Thank you, Lord, for your spiritual gifts…

We are blessed when we hunger, thirst and long for you and your righteousness…for then we will be fed with your Living Water, the meat of your Word and the Bread of Life. Nothing in this world lasts, fills or sustains us like you do, Lord. Thank you, Lord, for your provision…

We are blessed when we show mercy and care for others, because you then show care and mercy to us.

We are blessed when we get our mind, heart and inner-life focused on you. Then we can see you in all things in this world.

We are blessed when we can show people how to get along and live in peace… and see each other through your eyes.

We are blessed when we are persecuted. We should count ourselves blessed every time people put us down… or throw us out… or speak lies about us to discredit us. We will receive eternal rewards when people persecute us for our belief in you.

Lord, we rarely look at our pain and adversity as blessings. Sometimes we need to be reminded, that you orchestrate everything in our lives for good, and anything that you do…you do well! We see ugliness and darkness, while you see the image of Jesus being made in us. We see struggles and what looks like death and dying, and you see the emerging metamorphosis of a beautiful life, that we can’t even imagine.

May we carry these thoughts with us today. You are in the midst of all that we are going through and you do make all things beautiful in your time. May we have your eyes to see the good in the bad… and the message in our messes. We thank you Lord. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen

May you be overwhelmed by the goodness of God today!
In His love!

© Debbie Kay, Hope For The Broken Hearted


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