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Prayer for February 11th

February 11, 2014



Hello, Friends! Here is the prayer for today…

Our Father,

No matter what the cause, pain is pain and loss is loss. Many people try to judge one pain over the other. Many losses cause other losses… like a domino effect. Some people have a life time of losses and grief piled up inside that no one else knows about and so what may seem like a small thing to deal with, was actually the straw that broke the camels back. Help us not to compare or judge, but to have compassion for each other… May we see through your eyes and love with your love in every area of our lives, Lord.

Lord, you promise to be near to the broken-hearted. You promise to bind our wounds. You promise to turn our mourning to joy. You are not a liar. Your promises are for yesterday, today and forever and they are for each one of us. What you say you will do, you do…but we must trust you and believe you and take you at your word. We must be diligent to seek you in prayer and in your word. You desire fellowship with us. You don’t just take our pain away instantly. You use all things to work together for our good and that includes changing us into your likeness and drawing us closer to you. Grieving is not easy. It always lasts longer than we would like. None of us wants to hurt and unfortunately, the only way to heal from grief is to go through it…so many struggle and are so overwhelmed, they just want to wake up in heaven to escape the pain…they don’t feel like they can endure it and they don’t want to…Lord, for anyone that is feeling this way, we pray for your angels to be about them. We ask that they will feel your nearness… may they see a glimmer of hope…help them to cling to your promises that you will heal their wounds and turn their mourning to joy.

Father, for every aching heart… For every person longing to hold a loved one and can’t. For every person who is walking around feeling like they are missing part of themselves …we pray for your Holy Spirit to fall afresh on them. May they believe that you will walk them through the dark valley and watch over them like a loving Shepherd… that you will take them to the still waters where they will drink of the Living Water that will refresh and replenish the dry parched places in their heart… that you will lead them to green pastures…to the land of the living. You promise, Lord and you will not fail us. May they find the strength to trust you with their pain. May they find the courage to take one day at a time… May they dare to reach out their hand in the dark and say “I will trust you Lord…I don’t see a way, but I will trust that you do”.

Father, we pray for peace in our storms. We pray we will trust in what we can’t yet see, because we know who you are…you are the lover of our souls… you grieve with us and you are invested in each one of us, so we can live an abundant life filled with your amazing grace. Bless and anoint each of us now, Father and we give you praise, glory and honor for who you are, for all that you do and for what you are going to do. In the name of Jesus we pray, Amen

Blessings be upon you all!
You are so loved!

(c) Debbie Kay, Hope For The Broken Hearted

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  1. Mary Velasquez permalink
    February 12, 2014 12:03 pm

    Wow…. This is meant for me this week.

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