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Prayer for May 3rd

May 3, 2014


Hello, Friends! I’m feeling led to re-post this prayer today…

Dear Lord,

From the moment we decide to become a Christ follower, we are in a constant battle with an enemy that longs to destroy us. He tries to hurt us on every level and cause as much pain and havoc in our lives as he possibly can…all with one purpose…to separate us from you.

Lord, so many who are praying today are wounded. They are battle weary and tired. They are broken and battered and at times feel like they aren’t going to be able to recover from the trials of this life. The enemy is unrelenting in his attacks. He is constantly trying to make us doubt you and to lose hope.

Lord, we ask that you would pour your grace upon us. We cling to your promises that you are near to us and though at times it feels as though we are losing the battle, we cling to hope and the knowledge that we are not defeated. We are surrounded and attacked on all sides, but we are not crushed and we will not be overtaken.

Lord, please take the messes and the chaos that the enemy causes in our lives and bring order, peace and serenity and help us to learn and grow and become stronger in you. Help us to rise like a phoenix from the ashes of our trials and losses…may our scars remind us of your faithfulness in helping us to overcome…may they help us remember how you helped us to rise each time we were knocked down…may they remind us that you are greater, stronger and more powerful than our enemies.

Lord, please minister to each person wherever they are at today. Meet each need and help us all to find rest, healing and recovery in your arms today. Please be with those we love. Draw them close to yourself, Lord. Heal their wounds,encourage them and put a hedge of protection about them. Thank you, Lord, for sacrificing for us and defeating our enemy. We look forward to the day when all the wars and battles will be over for good and the enemy will be vanquished once and for all and we will live in peace for the rest of eternity with you. Thank you, Lord, that better days our coming… We praise you for who you are and for all that you do. In the name of Jesus we pray, Amen.

Blessings be upon you!

In His Love,

© Debbie Kay, Hope For The Broken Hearted

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