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Prayer for May 5th

May 5, 2014


Hi, Friends! Here is the prayer for today….

Dear Lord God,

Thank you for hearing our prayers… we are so grateful that you do not forget us, or our needs. We take comfort knowing that we can trust you with our lives.

Lord, you long to set people free from everything that binds them and there are many that need to be set free from anger …People are often afraid to admit that they are angry with you…but you do understand when we feel that way, Lord…it is not a secret from you…you have known us before we were know everything within each heart and mind…..Lord, we pray for all who are weighed down with anger and bitterness towards you, towards someone else…towards themselves or their circumstances…maybe they didn’t even realize they were angry… or perhaps they were afraid to admit it until this very moment, but we pray, Lord that as they admit their anger to you, that you would set them free and release them from their pain. Speak to each person and comfort them. May they truly understand your love for them and that you accept them just as they are, right where they are, but you love them to much to leave them in these places that are so harmful.

Things happen in life that we don’t understand and we can become angry when prayers aren’t answered…we can wonder if you love us, or if you care for us…of course, it is the enemy of our souls who plants those ideas…He loves to sow seeds of discouragement and discontent…Lord, we ask that you’d help each person who is struggling to lay all their questions, all of their pain…all of their disappointments…all of their anger…and all of the things that are beyond their control, on your altar. Help them to trust you even though they don’t understand. May they feel your compassion…may they truly perceive in their spirits that you do care about their pain… may they know you are grieving with them and that you will never turn them away. Oh, Lord, set them free…crack open the hard casing around their hearts that they’ve put there to protect themselves from further heartache. Bind the enemy and expose his lies. May each one praying find freedom to let go, so they can grieve and heal and become all that you want them to be and so they can find the joy that comes from you.

Lord, we give you all of our circumstances. Please carry them for us. Help us to push through our pain. We thank you that our dark nights of the soul, will not last forever. We thank you for your promise that better days are coming. Help us to grow in your knowledge and grace. Help us when we are weak and holding on by a thread…give us your strength…please send your Holy Spirit to intervene when our hearts hurt too bad to even speak…we need more of you, Lord..we humble ourselves before you and ask for your protection and healing and anointing favor. Please, Lord… hear these humble cries and pleas and blanket each one with your healing peace we pray. In the name of our Savior Jesus we pray, Amen

May you feel the warmth of His love shining upon you this week!

You are loved,

© Debbie Kay, Hope For The Broken Hearted

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