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Prayer for June 29th

June 29, 2014


Hello, Friends! I’m feeling led to re-post this prayer today…

Dear Lord,

We thank you today for your promises. Your word says, “Those who sew tears shall reap joy. Yes, they go out weeping, carrying seed for sowing, and return singing, carrying their sheaves.” Thank you, Lord for your words that give us hope and encouragement and help sustain us in our trials. Lord, we pray for all those who are in the midst of battles big and small… may they  remember your words…may we  all remember… not just for ourselves, but  so we can remind others when they need a word of encouragement.

Lord, as we gather here to pray, we share in each other’s sufferings. The Bible says that if one part of the body suffers, we all suffer. Peter tells us to “Resist him and to stand firm in the faith, knowing that our  brothers and sisters throughout the world are undergoing the same kind of sufferings”.

Our suffering serves as a reminder for us to pray for others. We are all connected. We all have different roles, purposes and gifts within the body of Christ. We all belong to each other and to you. We need each other and you made us that way for a purpose. Our suffering reminds us that at this moment, all around the world,  each of us is  in an endless battle between darkness and light.When we are praying for our own needs, may we be reminded to pray for others who are facing the same trials as we are.

Lord, we are  aware of all the pain and the many things that need to change in our world. We can’t right all the wrongs or even help all that we see in need. Lord, we stand in agreement and lift up our brothers and sisters around the world and we pray for the sick, the hungry and the poor… for the abused and the persecuted…for the suffering, grieving and  for those who feel hopeless.

We ask Lord, that at this very moment, that people will feel a touch from you. We pray for hope to spread like light in the darkness. We pray for this hurting world and for all those that don’t know you. We pray that your word will bring life and renewal. We don’t need to know how you will work, we just need to be faithful and pray and you will do the rest.

May our trials remind us of our need for you…may they remind us of your nearness and your promise that You will never leave us or forsake us. Lord, if you loved us enough to send Jesus just to die for us, how could we ever doubt you?! You gave everything, so we might live. You are not about to let us go under when we call out to you. You will faithfully sustain us. We thank you and praise you Lord. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

Blessings be upon you dear brothers and sisters!

Much love in Him,

©Debbie Kay, Hope For The Broken Hearted


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