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Prayer for August 25th

August 25, 2014


Hello, Friends! Here is the prayer for today…


Dear Lord,

We come together and lift up all who are needing your divine guidance and wisdom. We pray that you would speak clearly, so  they would understand without a doubt what your will for their life  is. We pray that you would remove all obstacles that may be in the way. We ask that you would go before them and make the rough roads smooth and that you would open doors  where they are needed. We ask that you would close doors that you don’t want them to enter. We ask  as they seek your will, that you would grant them your peace as confirmation for the answers they seek. Please lead and guide them and speak your truth to their hearts.

Lord, we ask for those who are needing help, whether it be for finances… a job … help at home that they don’t have the resources, physical strength or capabilities for… for  people who are in need of medical treatment, but they can’t afford it…for all of these needs along with any unspoken needs for physical or tangible needs… we ask, Lord that you would provide as only you can. We ask that you will bring people who are prompted by your Holy Spirit to come stand with those in need. We ask that all will be blessed and glorify your name, as they see the answers to their prayers being fulfilled.

Lord, please protect and make a way for all who are being persecuted for your name. Father, we ask that you open up a roadway in the wilderness and make a way of escape for them. Please fill them with your courage and peace and put your angels about them to protect them. Father, we ask for your divine intervention and protection for those who are living in these situations and places where evil is reigning terror. Lord, help us to never take our freedoms for granted…help us to realize every day how blessed we are.

Lord, please be our beacon of light in a world that is blurring the lines of reality. The media  distorts, manipulates and often covers up the truth. Politicians lie and cover up the truth to suit their own agendas. Our world is becoming increasingly unstable and polarized. We ask that we will always be guided by your voice and your light. Help us to be discerning and wise and always on guard as our enemy is always prowling about. He is the great deceiver. We ask for revival in our heart’s, in our country’s, in the church and in the world. Please pour out your Holy Spirit upon us, Lord that we may see things as you do. May our hearts break for the things that break your heart and may we hunger and thirst after righteousness.

Please go before us this week, Lord. Comfort the hurting, heal the sick, bring peace to the troubled. We praise you because you are not limited in any way, Father. We don’t want to limit you in our lives. We long to receive any gifts that you want to give us. We thank you and praise you. In the name of Jesus we pray, Amen.

Blessings and love to you all,

©Debbie Kay, Hope For The Broken Hearted

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