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Prayer for October 30th

October 30, 2014

northern lights

Hello, Friends! Here is the prayer for today…

Dear Heavenly Father,

We thank you for this day…we thank you for your Holy Spirit, who gives us comfort and we thank you for your peace. Lord, we ask that you would empty us of ourselves and all the things that distract us from your presence and rob us of your joy and peace.

Father, please hold those who are crying and grieving close to your heart and let them feel a sweet release as their tears fall. We ask Father, that in the quietness of this moment, that they would be able to speak with you of their pain, their questions and their anger. May they have confidence in who you are and the relationship you have with your children, so they can speak freely… and truly pour out their hearts to you, so they can find healing and comfort. Many among us may not have had a father that they could be real, open and honest with…Father, help them if this is the case…reveal yourself in such a way that they can embrace you like never before.

You made us, Lord and you understand us… you know us better than we know ourselves. May we fully comprehend that you are listening patiently and attentively to our frustrations, worries and cares. We pray to let go of everything that we’ve kept bottled up inside. You tell us to come boldly to your throne of grace. You will not cast us aside. You will not think our problems are too petty. You will never be too busy for us.

Lord, you know the hard, painful stuff that each of us deals with… you know the stuff that lurks deep in our hearts, the things that need to be cleared out…the things that are too difficult to face… Lord, we ask for healing. from the grief, sadness, loneliness, shame, guilt, sin, anguish, fear, anxiety, depression and every stronghold that stubbornly remains in our lives. We give you all the feelings of failure, inadequacy and self-loathing. We give you all the unrealized dreams, broken promises and wasted years that torment us. We give you all the things that the enemy uses to torment us and all the things that keep us from being the people you’ve called us to be.

Father, please bring hope and give us the strength to cling to your word and your unfailing love for us. Help us to have faith that you will heal the hurts and close the wounds and restore what the enemy has stolen and destroyed.

May we have such deep and abiding  faith, that we will be able to persevere like Job did. Father, thank you for your patience when we get discouraged. Thank you for understanding and for being there to pick us up when we stumble and fall Thank you for loving us unconditionally. We praise you because your faithfulness is not based on our faithfulness. We love you, Lord. We thank you that we can ask these things in Jesus’ name. Amen

Praying for every good thing for you fiends!
Much love in Him,

(c) Debbie Kay, Hope For The Broken Hearted

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  1. October 30, 2014 2:23 am

    Thanks again for sharing such a lovely and uplifting prayer 🙂

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