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Prayer For January 23rd

January 23, 2015

Hope for the broken hearted

Hello, Friends! Here is today’s prayer…

Our Father,

We thank you for seeing us through this week. We thank you for your strength that has sustained us and for the comfort you have given us.  We pray, Lord that we will find rest this weekend to re-charge and to renew our strength. Jesus always took the time to rest…to go off by Himself and re-charge physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Lord, we ask that you will help us when we are tempted to work too much and sleep too little. You tell us in your Word that it is in vain to rise early and stay up late toiling. You say that you grant sleep to those you love…

So, Lord, we ask for help in setting our schedules around trusting you…for all who are working long hours  just to pay the bills…for all who are unable to sleep due to illness, pain, taking care of others, insomnia or the inability to shut off their minds…Lord, we ask for healing…we ask for provision… we ask for deliverance…we ask for wisdom and knowledge to know what things we can change to help ourselves…we ask for your Spirit to speak to us and show us where we need to let go of fears and the thought that everything depends on us. Help us to see clearly where we need to  trust  you more and step out in faith. Help us to recognize that you are our provider and that every good and perfect gift comes from you. Help us find the right balance between doing all we can and then leaving the rest in your hands. Sometimes we think that everything depends on us and if we don’t do things then they won’t get done…help us to learn healthy boundaries and where our responsibility ends and where faith in you and your Word begins. Our bodies are your temple and you want us to take care of ourselves, but sometimes that seems so impossible when our plates are overflowing with so many struggles, demands and  things to do. Help us to remember that we do not shoulder our responsibilities alone…you want to carry our burdens…you want us to take your yoke that is  easy and light…teach us, Lord and help us to gain wisdom and insight…help us to be the best we can be in every area of our lives. Help us learn from Christ’s example for the need to rest and making time alone with you a priority. You will honor and provide for those who trust and obey.

Lord, we pray for all the needs that we have…spoken and unspoken…we lift them to you. We thank you for your care and great love for us. We are grateful to know you know each need before we ask. May we rest  in you and learn the lessons that come from the times of waiting. Transform us into your likeness and may people see you in us. We thank you in advance for all you will do to renew and restore us. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen

May you have a blessed, peaceful and restful weekend!

In His love,

©Debbie Kay, Hope For The Broken Hearted



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