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Daily Prayer For February 1st

February 1, 2015

hope for the broken hearted


Hello, Friends! Here is the prayer for today…

Dear Heavenly Father,

As we gather together today at the start of this new month, may we remember what it was like when we found a new life in you. May we remember the joy of finding out about your saving grace. May we remember the feeling of being set free from our sins when we first asked you to forgive us. May we remember the hope that filled our hearts when we learned that you defeated sin and death when you rose again. May we be filled to overflowing as we remember all that you endured and sacrificed because of your great love for us. May we remember the peace that flooded our souls when we found we had A Burden Bearer, A Friend Closer Than A Brother, A Redeemer, A Healer, A Protector, A Comforter, A Savior who gave a glorious future filled with the promise of eternal life… where there would be no more tears, no more pain, no more sin, no more suffering and an eternity filled with joy and peace to overflowing in His wonderful presence.

Oh, Lord, may we carry with us into the days ahead, what a privilege it is to be a child of the King and a Christ follower. May we carry with us the light that illuminated our hearts at the foot of the cross. May we remember the amazing grace that reached down and gave us new sight and saved us from our wretched nature. Father, may these wondrous things fill us up with hope and give us renewed strength to carry on…to soldier on…to keep pressing in and holding on to you. We are more than conquerors…we are redeemed with the precious blood of Jesus. You gave us all so that we might live. You have invested in our lives with  the precious blood of Jesus…you are not about to abandon us, forsake us, turn us away, or fail us. You will see us through until you carry us home. We struggle against the evil in this world…we have battles that are hard-fought and not easily won…but we are assured ultimate victory if we cling to you and keep remembering the war that was won at the cross.

Lord, may we call to mind the words of  scripture, hymns and worship songs that fill us with hope and encouragement…words that remind us of whose we are and that we are loved with a love that we can’t comprehend. May thoughts of you make us rise like a phoenix from the ashes of our shattered hearts and dreams. We serve a risen Lord and you are not finished with us yet! We are breathing…we are alive…this day…this week…this month… could be when we see our prayers answered and dreams fulfilled. May we not give up or stop believing when our victory could be just in sight. We don’t know what tomorrow holds, but we know that you hold it and that you will fulfill your promises and your plan in each of our lives. You will reward us if we don’t grow weary in doing well and serving you. You will redeem all the enemy has meant for harm and you will do it at the perfect time. Help us keep our eyes on you and not the clock, or calendar, or the things that try to weigh us down or make us forget your power and promises. Lord, we rededicate our lives to you and ask that you go before us and make the crooked roads straight and the rough roads smooth. Lead and guide us as we trust you to meet every need. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen

Praying that your souls will prosper and that you will grow in His knowledge and grace.

In His love,

©Debbie Kay, Hope For The Broken Hearted


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