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Prayer For February 10th

February 10, 2015


Hello, Friends! Here is the prayer for today…

Dear Heavenly Father,

Your Word says that you are glorified when we bear much fruit. It is only by your Holy Spirit working in us that we are able to produce the kind of fruit that brings you glory. When we look at the list of fruits of the Spirit, we realize that these are things we really want and need when life is hard…and it’s easy to see why it would bring you glory if we have these traits while going through trials. What a testament to those around us if we can have peace despite our circumstances…how reassuring it is to others when they see that our trust in you is not misplaced during times of waiting and difficulty. Help us to live out the things we say we believe and may people see you in us, Lord.

Father, we want to be more gentle and kind to those around us…especially those who are difficult to get along with. Help us to love our enemies and to pray for them. We long to have peace and patience and to be full of your love and joy and to let go of anger, bitterness, unforgiveness, and the pain and wounds inflicted by others… some of us need to let go of all the self-inflicted things as well. Help our minds to not be a battlefield, Lord. Please bring healing and wellness to every area of our lives.

Change us, Lord… change our attitudes, even if our situations don’t change. Help us to experience the fullness of your joy and peace. Teach us to dance in the rain and to seize the day…to bloom where we are planted and to take joy in simple pleasures. Help us to trust you more and worry less. Help us to have more faith instead of fear…help us to focus on the positives and not all that is wrong or lacking. May we live each day with an attitude of gratitude and a constant awareness of our many blessings. Life may be hard, but you are  so good.

Father, we want to experience all you have for us…we want you to be proud of us…we want to know you so well, that we move beyond just having faith, to trusting you completely…Lord, please use all that we are going through to make us to be more like Jesus and to draw us closer to you.  Help us to see others through your eyes. May we be known for our kindness, meekness and gentleness. May we grow so much in your knowledge and grace that your peace just flows through us and becomes a calming influence on those around us. Thank you, Lord…thank you for everything you do for us…everything you are…everything you promise us…thank you for our Savior and the gift of eternal life we can have through Him. We praise you and ask that you help us to bear much fruit that we might hear the words one day, “Well, done my good and faithful servant.” In the name of Jesus we pray, Amen.

May His peace and joy fill you to overflowing friends!

Blessings, hugs and love,

©Debbie Kay, Hope For The Broken Hearted


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