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Prayer For June 22nd

June 22, 2015

prayer for families

Hello, Friends! Here is the prayer for today…

Our Father,

In our humanness, sometimes the challenges we face completely eclipse our faith and your promises. Our anxieties and fears, make mountains out of the bumps in the road before us. The enemy clouds our vision and confuses our minds to the point we lose our way and forget your words of truth and encouragement. So, for today Lord, we want to focus on you so we can put everything in our lives into the proper perspective. We want to feel your closeness. We want to remind ourselves of who you are and the things that you do…

We praise you our Lord …you never sleep or rest . You always hear us and you never take your eyes off of us. Nothing takes you by surprise. You see all and you hear all. You knew us before we were formed and you know us by name. You are intimately acquainted with us. You know our thoughts and our comings and our goings. If you are for us, it doesn’t matter who is against us…

The winds and the waves obey you. You hold the stars in place in the sky. With one touch from you the blind see, the deaf hear, the lame walk and the dead are raised. Death could not hold you. There is no one like you, Lord. By Christ’s blood we are healed. Through him we are more than conquerors. Nothing shall be impossible for us and we can do all things, through Jesus.

Lord, may we see everything through your eyes… What we think we can’t overcome, you say we can. When the enemy says that we will always be in pain, you say that you turn our mourning to joy. When we say we are too weak, you say that your strength is perfected  in our weakness. When we say things are too hard, you say take your yoke, for it easy and light. When we say we are in need, you say that you will give us our daily bread…You tell us if you provide for the sparrows, that you will do even more for us.

Lord, we want to love you more…we want to know you better…we want to grow in our faith and be good stewards with all you’ve given us. Take our lives, Lord and help us to become the people you want us to be. In the name of Jesus we pray, Amen

May you feel His peace and presence today!
Much love in Him,

©Debbie Kay, Hope For The Broken Hearted


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  1. Teresa permalink
    June 22, 2015 5:30 pm

    Beautiful! Amen.

  2. Rita permalink
    June 23, 2015 6:15 am

    Thank you for such a wonderful prayer of the reminder that God is “always with us”!!!! God Bless you, Debbie, for such beautiful and uplifting words! May “you” feel His peace and presence today!

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