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Prayer For Sept 4th

September 4, 2015


prayer from Debbie Kay. Hope For The Broken Hearted

Hello, Friends! Here is the prayer for today…

Dear Father,
We are lifting the hurting to you today and we are asking for deliverance. There are people with us who have been so beat down mentally and emotionally they don’t know what to believe any longer… there are people who have been held captive in emotional and mental prisons … there are people who can’t let go of the things that they’ve seen or things that have been said and they keep reliving the painful experiences over and over… there are people here who are living with so much guilt, they think they deserve the bad things that are happening in their lives… there are people reading this, who are afraid to let go of the walls they have built up to keep more pain from happening…and there are those who hold onto their anger to avoid feeling their pain…
Father, we join together and we ask for your Holy Spirit to set the captives free today…may  people receive what you have to offer…may they open their clinched hands to let go of the bad, to receive your good. We pray for healing…we pray for freedom from oppression…we pray for open doors… we pray for spiritual strength to take steps to help themselves where that is needed…

Father, we ask that each person would find hope and healing and not waste one more day withering away and believing that this is all that there is…believing that they don’t deserve better…believing the lies that they’ve been fed. May we all hear your voice loudly and clearly calling to us…I picture an altar call right now…we may not be in a physical building…but you are calling us to come forward and lay all the hurts, pain and lies at your feet. You are beckoning everyone who has bitterness, anger and unrelenting grief that they have held on to for years…  you are saying “come forward and let me take those things from you. Let me give you freedom, my peace and my joy.” May your Holy Spirit  tug on hearts and pierce through the darkness.

Father, if there is anyone who is praying with us who feels like they need to re-dedicate their life to you…perhaps they have lived a lie… perhaps they are involved in some sin that is keeping them from you…keeping them from being the person that you’ve called them to be…give them courage and speak to their heart… Life is short…it can change in an instant. We think that we can put things off until tomorrow, but we are not guaranteed tomorrow…may we make the most of this day… today…may we take care of the things we need to take care of… today…help us to get right with you, Lord and with anything else that we can fix or take care of in our lives or our relationships….and what we can’t change, help us to accept…we lay everything  at your feet,Lord…may today be the day that people walk into the light of your healing power, grace and freedom…may we sense your presence. In the name of Jesus we pray, Amen.

You all are so dear to the Lord and to me. I so want you to experience everything God has for you. I pray for you to that end.

Much love in Him,
(c) Debbie Kay, Hope For The Broken Hearted



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