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Prayer For December 6th

December 6, 2015

Debbie Kay prayer

Hello, Friends! Here is the prayer for today…

Dear Father God,

We lift up to you our difficult relationships. We ask for help to love like you do… for help to see the good in others before the bad…for help forgiving those who have hurt us, betrayed us, neglected us or failed to treat us with respect. We know none of us are perfect…we don’t expect that from anyone…but it is hard to treat others the way we would wish to be treated, and then be treated poorly by those who say that they care…

Help us to see with your eyes, Lord…give us the kind of insight, empathy and compassion that you have. Please give us your wisdom, knowledge and discernment with these difficult relationships…show us when we need to speak up and when we need to remain silent. Please teach us how to forgive the seemingly unforgivable things of life…teach us how to live with and heal from the things that have wounded, scarred and changed us….

So many people have become lovers of self…so many have become harmfully opinionated…so many are judgmental and condemning of those who don’t agree or hold the same views…this is happening even among believers and it is hard to see how believers are being divided…Lord, help us to keep our eyes focused on you…help us to love our neighbors as ourselves…help us to shine your light in the darkness…please help us to be a calming force when things are chaotic…help us to be unafraid to be bold for you, yet let our words be spoken in love, with Biblical truth and with compassion.

Help us to remember, Lord, you were gossiped about…you were ridiculed and mocked…you gave without receiving back…you were despised, rejected, your words were twisted, your friends didn’t step up when you needed them to…you understand all we go through…you understand what it is like to be around those who are self-absorbed and only think of themselves…yet you are full of loving kindness, mercy and compassion…help us to learn how to set boundaries…help us to figure out when tough love is needed, when we need to step-aside or away, and when we need  to be an example and to be patient and compassionate instead…

So many who are praying are dealing with estranged relationships and they just don’t know what to do or how to pray…Lord, you know the silent cries and the pain filled tears…please comfort and lead and guide as only you can. Help us to learn how to go on living when everything seems upside down and not right in our world…we pray for the prodigals…we pray for the families, friendships, business relationships and marriages that  have been torn apart by addiction, abuse, infidelity, betrayal, misunderstanding, differences of faith and opinions…Lord, we ask for you to bind the enemy and let him have no room to work…please restore, redeem and renew and bring healing through the power of your Holy Spirit. Please pour out your healing balm and your grace, Lord. Help us to walk in a way that is worthy of you and our calling, Lord. You see each need. You know each problem and difficulty. We trust you and lean on you to work in each situation. In the name of Jesus we ask these things. Amen

May the Lord bless you and meet your every need!

In His love,


©Debbie Kay, Hope For The Broken Hearted

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