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Prayer For Feb. 9th

February 9, 2016

prayer from Debbie Kay

Hello, Friends! Here is the prayer for today…

Dear Lord,

Thank you Lord for saving us… for forgiving us… for not giving up on us…thank you for transforming us and renewing our minds…thank you for making a way so we can spend eternity with you…we thank you  in Jesus we find our identity… our salvation… our healing… our hope…our future…

Lord,  so many who are praying with us are facing such painful and difficult losses and circumstances…so many  have lost loved ones…so many have incredible financial burdens and struggle just to survive…so many are dealing with unbearable physical pain and illnesses… so many  are being hit with one blow after another…one loss after another…you see all that each of us are going through…you know our needs before we ask…you are with us in the midst of everything…you grieve with those who grieve…you hurt with those who hurt…you see those who are longing to feel your peace… those who want to believe and  trust but are finding it difficult… those who are clinging to the last shreds of  hope… you know each one by name who feels like they just need a break from the non-stop turmoil and bad news…oh, Father, on bended knees we humble ourselves before you and ask you to do what we can’t…sometimes we feel so helpless … our hearts are heavy for those who hurt…it’s hard to catch our breath when we keep getting knocked down and the wind keeps getting knocked out of us…we grow weary and our hearts ache, groan and long for home…  we long to be in that place where there will be no more tears, pain or sadness…

Lord, God, we cry out to you with one voice as those crying in the wilderness…we need you Abba…we need your strength…we need your encouragement…we need your guiding hand and your peace in our hearts to carry us through the heart breaking trials and losses…at times it feels like all around us is sinking sand, but we know feelings aren’t truth and  you are the solid rock beneath our feet…we look to you for your help, Lord…  we ask you to pour out  your amazing grace like rain and see us through these dark nights and seasons we have been facing…Abba, we look to you…we lean on you…we cling to you and we ask just  to rest in your arms so we can regroup and recoup…we ask to be filled with your power that will allow us to keep putting one foot in front of the other on the difficult days…  help us to confidently trust in  you and your promise that better things are coming and the trials we are going through now can’t begin to compare to the joy that is coming…

We bless you and praise you, Lord… today we remember the cross and all you did for us and we are grateful that death could not defeat you or keep you down and because we are yours, we have that same hope for our future…help us to carry the hope of the cross and the joy of Christ’s resurrection with us today… In the name of our beloved Jesus we pray. Amen


Blessings be upon you friends!

In His love,

©Debbie Kay, Hope For The Broken Hearted

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