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Prayer For March 7th

March 7, 2016

prayer from Debbie Kay

Hello, Friends! Here is the prayer for today…

Our Father,

As surely we know there will be both day and night, we know we will have good and bad times… we will have joy and sorrow…rejoicing and mourning. Your word says there is a season and a time for everything…a time for planting, a time for reaping…a time for dancing, a time for mourning…so we see how you have ordained the seasons and change in all things…

One of the few constants in this life is change, but so often we find ourselves longing for the sunshine and brightness of good times and we don’t want the storms and rain that enter our lives …we want the joy without the pain, but that is not how you have ordered things…but if we cling to you, lean into you and trust you…just as we see the beauty in the sunrise and the sunset, we also will see the beauty you bring forth both from the bad and the good … we see the need for the night and day…we see the purpose for the changing seasons on earth, and in our lives… 

Father, help us to see things as you do…please grant us your wisdom…help us to trust…help us to relinquish control…help us to have faith because of the things that we have seen and for all those things that are not yet seen… You don’t want us to just praise you in the light, but also in the dark as well. You want us to praise you in the midst of storms as well as when things are going well… Help us to grow spiritually,  so we will be at peace no matter what season we find ourselves in. We thank you for the lessons and the truth that you surround us with… please bless us with your wisdom so we can see you at work in all things. In the name of Jesus we pray, Amen

May you see His hand at work in your lives today!
Much love in Him,

© Debbie Kay, Hope For The Broken Hearted

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  1. Rita permalink
    March 8, 2016 8:56 am

    God Bless You, Debbie, for your wonderful words in your prayers!!! God uses you as His messenger to bring words of “Hope”, “Trust”, “Acceptance”, all leading to “Faith”, that reassures us of His Love, and His guidance every day. Amen!!! Thank you!!!

  2. hasib1 permalink
    March 9, 2016 12:51 pm

    debbie i just had to put my dog down who had cancer….i’m in a very bad place….. please pray for me!

    • March 31, 2016 5:23 pm

      Oh, Mike- I am so sorry to hear. I had a problem and was not receiving my email that these comments go to for 3 weeks, so I am just reading this today…I am so sorry I am just now responding. I know how much you loved your dog and I know you have been through so much. My heart hurts for you Mike. I will be praying now. I do pray for you every day my friend…I want to share something with you…I know you have had a prolonged season of trials and you wonder what is going on…I don’t begin to have the answers for your situation, but I want to share something that God just revealed to me in the last few weeks. My son and I have been dealing with many things during the last 12 years since my husband left…one of the things has been financial struggles…God has met each need, but yet the struggles remained. I knew He was teaching me things like how to live without fear, how to trust Him like never before…he was using our situation to show us His miracles and that His promise to provide is true… he has used these struggles to give me compassion and to help others who were going through similar things…but in talking with my son a few weeks ago I learned something else…one of my son’s disabilities is Autism and it makes it hard to understand things that aren’t tangible…faith is difficult because God can’t be seen…well, my son told me recently that He now knows God is real because He has seen Him provide too many times through the years for it to be a coincidence…(he used to explain God’s provision as coincidence)…my son has fears and anxieties about everything because of his other disabilities and he told me that he has no fear about our future and he knows that God will provide because He has seen him do it…this made me cry to hear all of this… this is so, so huge…God was working in a way I couldn’t see or imagine over the last 12 years…God knew what it would take for my son to believe in Him and he knew that my heart’s desire was for my son to really know for himself that God was real…there was a reason God seemingly wasn’t answering everyone’s prayers that were being said for our situation…God had a goal that was beyond what we all could see…this conversation with my son reminded me that God is working in our situations in ways that we can’t always know or understand. It’s been a long, hard season for us…just has I know you have been in a long, hard season as well Mike. I only share this to encourage you that God is working even when you can’t see it…He sees your tears and hears your cries and He is always working behind the scenes, doing more than what we can think, dream or imagine…He loves you so much and though I don’t know what His plan is for all of this pain and hardship you have endured, God does. I have been praying and standing in the gap for you Mike ever since you first wrote years ago and I will continue to and I am going to rejoice with you when your breakthrough comes. Sending you a big hug with much love my dear brother. Praying blessings on you always!

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