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Prayer For April 9th

April 9, 2016


Hello, Friends! Here is the prayer for today…

Dear Lord…

We thank you for the blessings you give us during our struggles and times of need… we thank you that you are near when we are brokenhearted… we thank you that we can come to know you in new ways in times of adversity…our trials help us to know that you are who you say you are… in hard times we learn that your promises are true…we find you do give us your strength to replace our weariness and weakness…

To receive these blessings we must seek you  during our time of need…we must find quiet time alone with you so you can minister to us and speak to our hearts during times of prayer and the reading of your Word. When we are hurting, you don’t give quick fixes and send us on our way… you want to share in our hurts, carry our burdens and clean out our wounds. You want to restore and redeem all that the enemy has done to harm us. You want to walk with us and tend to us, like a Shepherd lovingly does with his sheep. You are always with us…but you can only do your deepest healing and impart your greatest gifts in lives that are wholly yielded to you.

Help us  to not be afraid to let you take control of our care and our lives. Help us  to want more than quick fixes…help us to have a hunger and a longing to know you better…may we trust you enough to say, “if you have allowed something to touch my life, then I know it is for my good”…even if it hurts…even if we are not able to see the fruit or the purpose for allowing the hard stuff…help us to believe  that everything you allow is for a purpose and to refine us…to make us more like Christ… to prepare us for an eternity to be spent with you.

Father, we thank you for being a God of compassion and mercy. You do not cause evil or pain…you redeem it. You know first hand of rejection, suffering, anxiety, hunger, loneliness, pain, being unjustly persecuted…you endured so much so we can say you truly understand… you are well acquainted with sorrow and grief … you know better than anyone how to heal our hurts. Thank you, Lord, for all you have done and all you continue to do for us each day. Thank you, for the blessings you give us…thank you for walking with us and healing us and for being the one we can count on who will never let us down, disappoint us, turn away or fail us in any way. We love you Lord, and we thank you that we have a Savior in whose name we can pray, Amen.

May you feel His nearness today friends!

In His Love,

© Debbie Kay, Hope For The Broken Hearted

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