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Prayer for April 10th

April 10, 2016

Fred Symmes Chapel in SC Photo Credit: Jeff Burcher Photography

Hello, Friends! Here is today’s prayer…

Dear Lord,

We look to you this day…we know where our help comes from…it comes from you, The Maker of heaven and earth…we thank you for your watchful eye upon us…you do not ever sleep or slumber…you see everything…you hear every cry…you see every need…you hold us upright to keep us from falling…you are our protector…our defender… our shield… you promise to keep us all the days of our lives…no one can snatch us from your hand…your rod protects us and your staff guides us now and for evermore…and we are so grateful that we will dwell in your house forever…

Lord, help us to remember your words…your Word brings encouragement, strength, and hope…help us to memorize your Word so it becomes part of us…help us to call to mind your promises when we feel stressed, tired, overwhelmed and tempted…may your words lead us to safety…may they calm our minds and comfort our spirits…may they fill us with peace…may they help us to be unafraid and bold in you…when we remember your promises it puts everything in perspective…it reminds us of who you are…of all you do…of your power and majesty…of your compassion and mercy…of your faithfulness and miracles…your Word gives life, but how quickly we forget…how easily we allow other things to steal our time away from you and the study of your Word…

Lord, help us…help us to be the people you’ve called us to be… help us to be faithful servants and good stewards with all you’ve given us…help us to do the things we know we should and help us to avoid the things we should not be doing…help us to be known by our love…may we represent you well and point the way to you…the road is long and the path is hard at times, but all the hard things are worth knowing you…Lord, we look forward to that day when we will be in your presence…when we will know the fulness of your joy and peace…when we will be complete and finally home with you..Lord, we pray for all those who don’t know you…may they come to a saving knowledge of who you are…we pray for hardened hearts to be softened and the lost to find their way to you…thank you for saving us, Lord…thank you for making a way for us…thank you for your amazing grace. In the name of our Savior Jesus we ask these things. Amen

Blessings be upon you and those you love!

In Him,
© Debbie Kay, Hope For The Broken Hearted

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