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Prayer For April 16th

April 16, 2016

prayer from Debbie Kay

Hello, Friends! Here is today’s prayer…

Dear Heavenly Father,

We lift up to you the people of Japan…they have had several large earthquakes and we can only imagine how nervous and anxious they must feel…we pray for those who have lost loved ones…for those who are waiting to hear about loved ones…for those who have lost their homes and livelihoods…please comfort them and may people find you to be the God of all Comfort and Compassion in the midst of their pain and loss…we pray for the first responders and for the search and rescue teams…Lord, please protect them and give them strength…

Lord, we pray for all who are suffering in the world today…we know there are people who are dealing with wars, displacement, persecution, homelessness, joblessness,illness, abuse, abandonment, and every form of terrifying evil at the hands of others…Father, we ask for your divine intervention…we pray for your deliverance… we ask for provision…we ask for your healing hand to be upon each one who is in need physically, emotionally, mentally, financially and spiritually…Lord, may those who don’t know you, find you in the dark, scary and lonely places…we lift our voices and stand in the gap for those who are dealing with situations where they have no options and they are  in need of a deliverer…Lord, please do what only you can…we ask that you would do miracles in our midst…

Lord, if there is anything in our lives that would hinder our prayers, we ask for you to show us…if there is anything in our lives that is keeping us from being all that you want us to be, please remove it…please help those who are feeling overwhelmed by all the adversity they and their loved ones are facing…please help those who are dealing with anxious thoughts…please heal brain chemistry and bring a sense of clamness and peace…please give us all wisdom to know what things we can do to help ourselves in every area of our lives…help us to be open to the things that you want to teach us and show us…help us to be unafraid…help us to not be tied to our own expectations of how we want things to happen…of how we want things to be worked out…how we want to see you work…help us to submit to your will…help us to rest in your decisions…your ways are so above ours…we settle for the quick fixes…for the things that will relieve pain the quickest…help us Lord, to wait and trust well…help us to wait with excited anticipation, not with a sense of dread…help us to pray big, bold prayers for your Kingdom…help us to remember that where 2 or 3 gather in your name you are in the midst and you are still doing miracles…you are still on the throne…there is still power in the blood…there is hope, because of Jesus and things aren’t over until you say they are over…fill us with holy boldness and a fresh vision of your power and majesty…we bow before you, Lord…we give you the praise, glory and honor that you  deserve and we thank you in advance for all you will do. In the name of our Savior Jesus we ask these things. Amen

Praying blessings on you friends!

In His love,

©Debbie Kay, Hope For The Broken Hearte

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  1. Kenneth Soileau permalink
    April 17, 2016 4:26 am

    Faith Hope love

  2. Rita E. Ciavola permalink
    April 17, 2016 5:14 am

    God Bless you, Debbie, for this precious prayer!!! May He continue to guide you and “Bless” you, in Jesus’ precious name, Amen!!

  3. Brave bear permalink
    April 17, 2016 8:50 am

    Good day, ms debbie..i am brave bear an avid follower of your facebook page.i commented yesterday asking if i can tell/ask you something in private.u replied to send you an email,sadly due to my very limited source of network or something(i am just using my cellphone and mobile data to access internet connection)
    If its possible can i ask a favor from you?this is very important for sister and my niece is currently suffering from kidney sister has a raptured kidney and is scheduled to have an operation of her kidney should be remove.while my niece cant afford to have an operation becoz she will not survive physically with only one kidney.the only option she has right now is to undergo a 3-4x dialysis which is way to expensive or have a kidney transpant but is nearly impossible due to availabilty of possible donor and the matching of their kidney types,i guess.
    Ms debbie when i heard about that news youre the first thing that came to my debbie i am just an ordinary person,a lost soul as i describe myself.i have nothing to offer as help other than this favor that iam going to ask from you.
    Ms debbie because of your page and inspiring prayers i became i believer of collective prayers.if its not too much to ask can you please include my sister and my niece in your daily prayer?i am hoping for them to feel the same comfort when i discovered your page.
    Can you please mention their names so that they also start following you.please dont mention my name they dont have to know about my small effort.
    My sister’s name is BAMBI PISCOS,and my niece’s name is MARY ANN BIANITO COSINO.
    I will thank you ms debbie in advance i believe and i am claiming it that even before i did this healing is already doing its work…have a peaceful week,everyone…

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