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Prayer For June 6th

June 6, 2016


Hello, Friends! Here is the prayer for today…

Dear Heavenly Father,

We thank you for this new day and week. We ask that you would go before us and make the rough roads smooth and the crooked places straight… we ask you to make a way where there seems to be no way…we ask that your peace would flow through us and rise up within us and spill over onto others…we thank you that you give us the ability to take our thoughts captive…that we can choose where we will place our thoughts and attention… remind us that you want us to enter into your presence often… help us to focus on all of our blessings…when we focus on all that is right in our world instead of all that is wrong, we will find ourselves filled with the fullness of your joy…

Help us to meditate on your Word…help us to remember how far we have come and that you are not through with us yet…you have more healing…more hope…more love…more blessings… more ways to use us…more of yourself to give us…help us to not cut ourselves off from you…you are the source of everything we need and long for… please help us Lord, to keep our priorities in check…help us to seek you first in all things…and put you in the rightful place on the throne of our lives…

Help us remember that sometimes it only takes a little thing to make a big difference…We see how you used a woman with a Wookie mask to bring joy to millions and millions of people…help us to find joy in simple things, Lord…help us to delight in you, no matter what our circumstances…help us to find joy by thinking of all that lies ahead for believers…help us to rejoice because of what Jesus did…help us carry Christmas and Easter with us every day of our lives…even with so much pain and loss we have so much to rejoice over…You are alive…we are redeemed…we are loved and cherished…these bodies that fail us our only temporary tents and better things await…

Lord, we praise you and thank you…we lay our burdens, cares and pain on your altar…we give you everything that is holding us back and taking our focus from you…we want to serve you well this week and we pray at the end of the week we will be closer to you and more like Jesus than we are at this moment…We thank you for your grace that will see us through and your strength that will sustain us. We give you thanks in advance for all you will do to provide and meet each need. We ask you to please be with our friends and family and bless them and keep them close to you. We lift up all who don’t know you, Lord…may their hearts be softened and their eyes opened to who you are…we give you all praise, glory and honor and thank you that we have a Savior in whose name we can ask these things. Amen

May you have a blessed week friends!

In His love,

©Debbie Kay, Hope For The Broken Hearted

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  1. June 6, 2016 5:02 am

    Amen and amen. Bless you, Debbie and the work of your hands. 🙏

  2. Kenneth Soileau permalink
    June 6, 2016 5:56 am


  3. Rita E. Ciavola permalink
    June 6, 2016 4:11 pm

    Debbie, God Bless you, and keep you safe in His loving arms, for the words that you share and bring to us of “Hope, and Faith, and Love”, are such a “gift from God”!!! Thank you!!!

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