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Prayer For June 14th

June 14, 2016

prayer from Debbie Kay, Hope For The Broken Hearted

Hello, Friends! Here is the prayer for today…

Dear Father,

We ask that you will help us to be aware of the lies of the enemy. We ask for your wisdom. We ask you to remind us to test the spirits…to weigh things against your Word…to help us to not be caught off guard…please give us discernment to recognize the wolves in sheep’s clothing and those who mean us harm…

Lord, we know that the enemy comes to rob, steal and destroy…he will often use people as his instruments of destruction…help us to guard our hearts…help us to not be naive…we ask that you would lead and guide us and help us to hear your still small voice that sends us warning signs when something is not right…help us to learn to trust the intuition that you give us…help us to not be stubborn or prideful…help us not to go against your will to satisfy our earthly desires…help us to trust that you only want the best for us and if you close a door or tell us “no”, it’s for our own good…it’s for our protection…it’s because you have something better in mind…

Lord, for everyone who is in a relationship of any kind with a difficult person…if anyone is dealing with emotional trauma and stress from someone who is abusive in any form…if anyone is dealing with someone who constantly puts their own needs before others and makes life difficult, we ask you to help them and comfort them…give them your wisdom to know how to deal and cope with what’s going on…you know the stress, you know the strain…you see the tears, the crushed dreams, the frustrations, the rejection, the battered self-esteem…you know everyone who has been slandered, lied to and cheated on… everyone who has had their reputation smeared and everyone who has been gossiped about…you know each one who deals with someone who is never wrong and always blames them or someone else for their behavior and actions…

Lord, please heal hurting hearts…don’t let the enemy destroy one more life this way…please restore all that the enemy has taken…please restore the joy and help the injured to find peace…please give them hope that all they have gone through is not in vain…help them to remember that Jesus understands…he was rejected, despised, lied about, betrayed, gossiped about, slandered…he knows what it is like to be innocent and yet judged wrongly and harshly…Lord, even if this is not our own situation, we intercede and lift the hands of all who are enduring things that people can’t see behind closed doors…

We pray for all the children and adults who are held as slaves… all who are prisoners in their own homes… all who are forced into prostitution… all who are living on the streets, broken and abandoned and feeling there is no hope…that no one cares…Lord, we ask for miracles…we ask for you to set the captives free…no matter what the situation…for anyone is in any kind of mental, emotional, physical environment that is not healthy…please show your grace and mercy we pray…Lord, there is so much wrong in this world and we thank you that this is not the end…that better things await… but we know that there is hope even now, that things can get better now with your help…please make a way where there seems to be no way and crush and thwart the enemy’s schemes and redeem and restore as only you can. In the name of Jesus we ask these things. Amen

God bless you friends!
Much love in Him,


©Debbie Kay, Hope For The Broken Hearted

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