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Prayer For June 15th

June 15, 2016

prayer from Debbie Kay, Hope For The Broken Hearted

Hello, Friends! Here is today’s prayer…

Dear Lord,

As we pray today, we ask for  you to please calm our hearts and clear our heads. May we focus on You this moment and may we feel Your Holy Spirit touch us. For just these few moments, may we be lost in Your love and free from worldly cares. May we feel the hope and joy that comes from being in your presence…may we be awed as we think about how much you value each of us…you love us so much that you would send your Son Jesus to die in our place…Lord, we are so unworthy, yet we are redeemed and made white as snow by the precious blood of Jesus…thank you for loving us and for making a way for us…

Lord, we welcome you into our hearts, our homes and our lives. We ask for your favor and to know you better…please grant us your wisdom to lead and guide us…may we feel your presence to diminish the feelings of being alone and isolated… may we feel your joy to replace our heavy hearts…

So many view your favor as wealth, material possessions and wholeness of body and mind…and undoubtedly, those are precious gifts…  we welcome anything you want to bless us with so we may serve you better…but more than those things, we need your eternal gifts that the world can’t give or take away…

Lord, we thank you for all you do for us…for all you give to us…for the many ways you bless us and show your love for us. Open our eyes to see the ways you are working in our lives…open our hearts so we may receive you in new ways and be drawn closer to you… may others see You in us…may we never be a stumbling block to others, but always point the way to you. Thank you for your grace, mercy and provision, Lord. With grateful and humble hearts we thank you in the name of our Savior and Messiah, Jesus. Amen

May the Lord bless you and make His face shine upon you friends!
Blessings, hugs and love to you,

©Debbie Kay, Hope For The Broken Hearted

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