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Prayer For July 14th

July 14, 2016

prayer from Debbie Kay, Hope For The Broken Hearted

Hello, Friends! Here is the prayer for today…

Dear Lord…

To have a Savior who was willing to give His life to redeem ours is the greatest gift we could ever receive…and your care for us did not stop at the cross or the empty tomb … you continue to give of yourself to us…you  bless us in the midst of our worry, anxiety, fear and sorrow with your peace… our biggest blessings come during the times of our greatest need…during difficult times is when we find that you are who you say you are…we gain first hand knowledge that your promises are true…we find your strength to sustain us… we find that you are The Ultimate Comforter and The Prince  of Peace. You are not a distant God…you are in the trenches with us no matter what we face…

Help us Lord to be diligent about finding quiet time alone with you…we need that time with you so you can minister to us…so you can teach us and help us…when we are hurting, you don’t want to just apply band-aids and quick fixes and send us on our way… you want to do for us what no person can do for us… you what to share in our hurts and carry our burdens and clean out our wounds… you want to walk with us and tend to us, like a Shepherd lovingly does with his sheep. You never leave our side, but you can only do your deepest healing and impart your greatest gifts, in lives that are wholly yielded to you.

Help us Lord, to want more than quick fixes and the easiest way of doing things…help us to have a hunger to know you better and to want your will done in our lives…help us  to not settle for a casual relationship with you…help us to believe, like we have never believed, that you want only the best for us and that everything you allow is to for our good and to make us more like Christ.

Father, we thank you for being a God of compassion and mercy. You do not cause evil or pain…you redeem it. You know first hand of rejection, suffering, grief, anxiety, hunger, loneliness, pain, being unjustly persecuted… you fully understand the struggles that we go through in this life…you are well acquainted with sorrow and grief and you know better than anyone, how to heal our hurts. Thank you, Lord, for all you have done and all you continue to do for us each day. Thank you, for the blessings you give us…thank you for walking with us and healing us and for being the One person we can count on that will never let us down or disappoint us. We love you Lord, and we thank you that we have a Savior in whose name we can pray, Amen.

May you feel His nearness today friends!

In His Love,

© Debbie Kay, Hope For The Broken Hearted

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