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Prayer For July 26th

July 26, 2016

prayer from Debbie Kay, Hope For The Broken Hearted

Hello, Friends! Here is the prayer for today…

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for loving us despite our flaws…you know our secret thoughts…the sins that we try to hide from others…the feelings of anger, shame, guilt, resentment, jealousy, disappointment  that we keep hidden inside…Lord, we ask for you to help us to get rid of the things that we have been unable to get rid of ourselves…

So many of us carry hurts that have never healed and are a continual source of pain… please help us to clean out our wounds once and for all …help us to forgive as you forgive…help us to walk in your freedom…help us to be free from the wounds, words and actions of others…help us to be free from disappointments in ourselves and others…help us to let go of the things we can’t change…the regrets of the past…the dreams that are dashed…the failures that have overtaken our thoughts…

Help us to be free from every tool that the enemy has tried to use to derail us and to keep us from seeing your truth. Help us to remember how you redeemed Paul’s life…how you forgave King David…how you consistently showed in your Word that no one is beyond redemption…Lord, please help us not to waste another day dwelling on negative emotions …help us to dwell on things that are good, holy and pure… help us to remember that each day holds hope for new miracles and mercy, healing and accomplishments through Christ…help us to cling to hope…help us to let go of the anchors that hold us back and keep us stuck where we are…help us to give ourselves completely to you and your will, so we can let you do your healing, restorative work in us. Lord, we want you to be glorified in our lives and circumstances…may we be still before you…may your Word wash over our minds and cleanse the thoughts that have become stagnant and harmful…help us see things clearly… please help us so our emotions are not what rule us…help us to make good decisions…help us to take every thought captive…please help us so the enemy has no room to work in these areas in our lives…

Lord, please help us to not waste another day living in fear…please free us from our self-imposed prisons of negative emotions. Help us to let go of the past so we can live fully in the present…help us to make the most of our days. Heal us Lord that we may be healed…create in us a clean heart and renew a right spirit in us. In the name of our Savior Jesus we ask these things. Amen.

Blessings be upon you friends!

In His love

©Debbie Kay, Hope For The Broken Hearted

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  1. Martha Kerby permalink
    July 26, 2016 7:37 am

    Debbie, Just want to say thank you for your prayers!

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