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Prayer For Aug. 2nd

August 2, 2016

prayer from Debbie

Hello, Friends! Here is the prayer for today…

Dear Heavenly Father,

We thank you for this day. We thank you for the gift of Jesus and the salvation and redemption He offers. Lord, please lead and guide us and protect us from the evil one. Please put a hedge of protection about us and those we love. We pray for your wisdom, knowledge and discernment that we might stay the course…that we might stay on the straight and narrow path and not be led astray by false teachings, teachers or wolves in sheep’s clothing. Help us to hear your voice loudly and clearly. May we hunger and thirst for your righteousness…may we become faithful students of your Word that we might be able to test the spirits and weigh the things we hear against the truth in your Word…help us to be faithful and true and enable us with your power to stand for what you say is right, even if everyone around us says the opposite…

We are living in such troubling times, Lord…not just because of violence, but because of spiritual oppression…because what is evil is being called good and what is good is being called evil…help us to be wise and discerning, yet remain gentle, humble and meek…may your light shine in the dark places and reveal all that is hidden…Lord, more than anything, we need to be right before you…please forgive us of our sins…please renew a right spirit within us…please reveal anything in our lives that hinders our prayers or keeps us from being all that you want us to be…help us to Lord, to make you the priority in our lives and to always keep eternity and living a life that is pleasing to you in mind…give us boldness to speak your truth in love and to share the good news of the gospel with those who don’t know you.

Lord, thank you for walking with us…for watching over us…for longing to have a close relationship with us…there is so much we don’t and can’t understand in this life, but one thing is clear…Jesus gave all, that we might live… He proved His love in the most self-sacrificing and tangible way possible…it was His love for us that held him on that cross…He died to set us free and so we can be together always…help us to live in His power…to accept your grace…to be good soldiers, servants and Christ followers…may we remember our first love for you and may our love and bond with you grow deeper and stronger with each passing day…

Lord, we need you…every second, every hour of each day. Please go before us and help us to seize the day… help us to take nothing for granted and to value and cherish those we love. Help us to right anything that is in our power to fix and to say anything that needs to be said. In Jesus’ name we ask these things. Amen

May God bless you mightily friends!

In His love,
Debbie Kay

©Debbie Kay, Hope For The Broken Hearted

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  1. Peg Whitaker permalink
    August 2, 2016 8:22 pm

    Deb, I appreciate praying along with you in this prayer! Love you lots. ❤

  2. Rose Daley permalink
    August 3, 2016 8:38 am


    Sent from my iPhone


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