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Prayer For Aug. 21st

August 21, 2016

prayer from Debbie Kay, Hope For The Broken Hearted

Hello, Friends! Here is the prayer for today…

Dear Heavenly Father,

A home should be a place of sanctuary…a safe haven from the world…a place where we are accepted and loved unconditionally … a place where we are protected from the elements…a place of freedom to let down our guard and to speak freely without fear of rejection…a place of comfort, contentment and peace.

We know many have not experienced these things in their earthly homes…but we all can experience these things with you…  In your loving arms, we do find our sanctuary, comfort, peace and security…you dwell within us and our hearts become your home…our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit…with you we find everything we need…we find things that the world will never be able to give or take away…

We are grateful Lord, that you are always there to pick us up when we are broken by betrayal… that you are there to carry us when we are too weary to stand on our own. Thank you for being our physical and emotional healer… may everyone in need find healing, rest and strength to overcome their hurts, pain and disappointments.

Lord, we pray today for those who have hurt us and for those who persecute us. We pray for those who are so damaged and hurt, that they lash out and inflict pain on others. May they find their way to you… please help us to let go of anger, bitterness and unforgiveness so we can walk through this life unhindered by the problems of others. Heal us from the pain and grief that comes from loss…loss of the physical presence of some…loss of finding out that some people are not who we thought they were…loss from changes that have been thrust upon us  that have we are helpless to change…thank you for grieving with us…for seeing us through our hard times and for redeeming our trials, pain and losses.

Lord, we want to be transparent before you. We want to be cleansed and healed in every way. We want to experience all you have for us and to settle for nothing less than your best for us. We are all works in progress, but by your stripes and grace we will be made whole and healed.
May our earthly homes be a place of sanctuary, peace and contentment…a place where love abounds and your spirit resides. A peaceful place that reflects your love. May we be drawn ever closer to our loved ones and may we all be drawn closer to you. In the name of Jesus we ask these things, Amen.

May your day be filled with peace!
In His love,

©Debbie Kay, Hope For The Broken Hearted

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