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Prayer For Oct. 4th

October 4, 2016


Hello, Friends! Here is the prayer for today…

Our Father,

As we gather together today, we pray for everyone who is being affected by Hurricane Matthew…we pray for comfort for all  the families who lost loved ones as this storm went through the Caribbean. We pray for all who are suffering in the wake of this storm’s destruction…May many people rally to their aid and minister to their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs during this difficult time…

Lord, we pray if it be your will, that you will calm this storm…that you will divert its path and weaken this storm before it hits anywhere else…we pray for comfort and peace for all who have been evacuated…please be their source of comfort, strength and peace…

We lift to you all who are also dealing with figurative storms…sometimes you don’t choose to calm the storms, but you choose to show us how you can calm us in the midst of the storms…to be able to calm us and fill us with peace, despite what is happening around us, is one of your greatest gifts…we think of Jesus who could sleep in total peace on that boat as it was being ravaged by the pounding wind and waves…you offer us that same sort of peace…Lord, may we be teachable…help us to learn, grow and mature so we can be faith filled warriors…teach us how to be still before you…teach us how to let go of anxious thoughts…please show us how to find that place of perfect peace that only you can give…draw us close to you, Lord…may we feel the warmth of your embrace…the comfort of your nearness…the calm assurance that you are with us and that you are in control and you do all things well.

Lord, we pray for all who don’t know you…we pray that people will find you in the midst of their storms…we pray that they will have the courage to call on your name and to trust that you are who you say you are…

To walk with you doesn’t mean we won’t have trials and storms, but it does mean that you will give us strength and grace to get through them…it does mean that we are not alone…that we are not defenseless…and that you will work everything together for good for those who love you…

Lord, please bless everyone who is reading this…we thank you in advance for meeting each need…we thank you for the work you are doing in our lives…we thank you that you have our best interest at heart…you know how long each has waited…you know our hurts and our deepest longings…you know the hidden pain and the silent pleadings of our hearts…may we find comfort knowing that you care about these things and you are moving heaven and earth on our behalf, even as we pray. Thank you, Lord for your goodness, grace and mercy. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen

Praying every good thing for you friends!

In His great love,

©Debbie Kay, Hope For The Broken Hearted

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