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Prayer For Oct. 31st

October 31, 2016

prayer-from-hope for the broken hearted

Hello, Friends! Here is today’s prayer…

Our Father,

We are told in your Word  that we should press on and keep moving  toward what lies ahead…there are multiple references in your Word that liken our lives to running a race…Father, please help us to have the mind-set of a runner…a runner is not idle…they must keep moving and be intentional  with every step they take so they reach their goals…if they are constantly looking behind, they slow down and run the risk of tripping or falling and they lose their momentum… they must learn to be wise and pace themselves…they must keep their eyes straight ahead, not looking to the left or right so they stay on target and are not distracted…running a race well, takes training, self-discipline, perseverance and dedication and some degree of dying to self…

Lord, we can see how many of these aspects of being a runner can be applied to our spiritual walks…we can’t move forward if we are constantly looking back with regret, guilt or longing…help us to let go of anything that is hindering us or holding us back… help us not to run aimlessly through life…please lead and guide us and help us to know your will and to find our way to what you’ve called us to…help us to keep our eye on the prize and not the storms and distractions that surround us…we always want things to be done quickly and easily, but a runner doesn’t start out being able  to run a marathon…they  must start slow and take certain steps to increase their  strength and stamina…help us to learn to be patient with ourselves, with you and with others…

We pray for all who are dealing with a new normal…for all who find themselves in difficult places in life …please be their strength…help them to find their footing…help them to navigate their grief and pain and help them learn how to live life with the changes and losses that have been thrust upon them…please provide for their needs…we know sometimes when we are too weak and weary you carry us, Lord…we all have those times when we feel we can’t move…you tell us when we wait on you, you will renew our strength so we can run and not grow weary.

Please, help us to remember that you have not brought us this far to abandon us now…help the hurting, weary and discouraged  to remember that there are heavenly hosts cheering them on even as we pray…its hard to keep pressing on when you feel like life has lost its meaning and you’ve lost your purpose…you see each one who feels that way,Lord…you are the healer of broken hearts,dreams and lives…you are The Giver Of Life, The Creator of All…may everyone praying find new strength,a renewed sense of self and a dream to dare to dream. Stir a fire in us, Lord…renew our passion and hope…help us to keep looking forward to keep reaching for your best. In the name of Jesus we ask these things. Amen

Blessings to you friends!

In His love,


©Debbie Kay, Hope For The Broken Hearted



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