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Prayer For Nov 16th

November 16, 2016


Hello, Friends! Here is the prayer for today…

Our Father,

We thank you for the work you are doing in each of us…we thank you for being our strength…we thank you for understanding us and knowing our thoughts, motives, and desires of our hearts…you know that we want to do better and be better, but we fall so short of who and where we want to be.

Lord, everything you said and did was with great thought and purpose…you gave us examples and used parables to help us understand what we needed to know and what was truly  important in this life…you gave us words of hope and encouragement for the hard times you knew we would face…

You told us we only need faith the size of a mustard seed to do great things…the mustard seed is so small, yet it grows so large…that tiny seed with the help of water and good soil, grows larger than we could ever imagine possible from something so tiny…it doesn’t become large over night, but as it’s roots are nourished, it grows bigger and stronger.

During hard times, our faith may feel small and inadequate, but if we are doing the right things, it is constantly growing, whether we feel it or not… as we nourish our faith…as we sink our roots deep into you and lean into you…as we let your Living Water fill us as we read your Word, pray and worship…as we constantly trust and obey you and allow you to prune, till and nourish the soil of our hearts, our faith grows bigger and stronger…if we persevere, our faith and love for you will grow deeper than we knew was possible.

As you showed with the fishes and the loaves, you can do miracles with very little…you take what little we have and multiply it to make it more than enough…it is not our power or strength, but your power and strength within us that moves mountains and helps us to keep enduring and growing…it doesn’t matter what we have or what we lack, as long as we have you.

Lord, may we face life with confidence knowing that we are works in progress, but you will faithfully complete the work you have begun in each of us. Help us not to focus on how far we have to go, but give thanks for how far we’ve come. May we live with hope and expectation of seeing your promises fulfilled in our lives. Help us not to hinder ourselves by dwelling on all that is wrong…help us not limit your power in our lives by doubting or not trusting…may we always be mindful that you, The Creator Of All, is with us and for us. Help us to remember that day we will reap a harvest of blessings if we don’t get weary and give up in doing what you’ve called us to do. We love you, Lord and give you all praise, glory and honor. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen

May you be blessed and encouraged today friends!

Much love in Him,

©Debbie Kay, Hope For The Broken Hearted

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