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Prayer For Jan. 1st

January 1, 2017


Hello, Friends! Here is the prayer for today…

Dear Gracious Heavenly Father,

We thank you for this new day…the first day of a new year. Lord, we recommit our lives to you. We ask for your power to flow through us. We ask for you to fill us with your Living Water and cleanse us and forgive us, that we might lead lives that are pleasing to you. We ask that you would continue the healing, transformative work that you have begun in each of us.

For those who are in pain physically, emotionally or mentally, we ask for your healing hand to be upon them. We ask for your comfort, strength and courage so we may be brave warriors in the battles we will face…. we ask that people would be set free from the things that keep them from being all you’ve called them to be. May this be the year that we truly live and experience your overcoming power in our lives and live in the fullness of your joy. May we hear your voice above all others. May we learn to trust you as never before. Help us to keep a heavenly perspective in all that we do and may we never grow so impatient that we settle for less than your best for us. Make us men and women after your own heart, Lord.

We lift up our leaders to you. We pray for those in leadership who are Christ followers…please give them fearless, bold hearts of courage. We pray that leaders will come to know you in real and life changing ways and seek to serve you in the roles that you’ve given them. 2016 was such a terribly divisive year. Please bring healing to our relationships, our homes, our countries and our world. Lord, please use believers everywhere to be lights in the darkness that point the way to you. May we be convicted to be mighty prayer warriors, not just for our family and friends, but for our leaders and the world at large.

Help us to dream big  and not put you in a box. Help us to pray big and believe big. You are a big God…nothing is impossible for you and you have answers for prayers that we have yet to pray…. you tell us we have not, because we ask not.. so we  are asking for your favor and your blessing to be upon us and our loved ones, Lord. Please bless us, so we can bless others. We ask for you to open your store houses and for you to pour out your grace and mercy…help us to heal and rise from the ashes of our broken places, stronger and wiser and with a deeper faith and trust in you.  Please bring peace and calm where there is chaos and may those who don’t know you, come to a saving knowledge of who you are.

We love you and we are so grateful that you are with us each step of our journey’s… we thank you for the good plan you have for each of us and the promise that you are working all things together for our good. We praise you and thank you for all that you do and all that you are. We thank you we can ask these things in the name of our Savior Jesus, Amen.

Praying this year hold many blessings in store for you!

Happy New Year!

© Debbie Kay, Hope For The Broken Hearted

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