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Prayer For March 29th

March 29, 2017

Hello, Friends! Her is the prayer for today…

Our Father,

You show us with so many examples in your Word that you do not think as we do.  You chose Moses, a man with a speech impediment, to speak for you to your people. You chose a young shepherd boy to show that it is faith in you that helps us defeat our giants…you helped Sarah conceive at age 90… numbers mean nothing to you…we are never too young, too old, too small, too broken, too disabled, too poor, or too weak to be used by you.

The world looks up to those who are mighty in strength and power…but you are looking for those who are humble and meek. You choose to work through brokenness. You want us to come empty before you so you can fill us to overflowing with your Holy Spirit, Your power, Your strength and Your might. In our humanness, we  think it’s something to be ashamed of to say, “I am weak, I can’t do this on my own,”but you rejoice when you hear those words from us. Your strength is perfected in our weakness. You value a humble and contrite spirit. You want us to see our need for you.

Lord, as people grieve, hurt and struggle, may these words fill them with hope…our brokenness allows us to draw closer to you and to find you in ways we cannot know when things are good… as we look to you, and lean on you, you pour into us everything we need to move forward and press on. Our brokenness is beautiful to you… it’s not a sign of weakness or failure… it’s a sign that we can be restored and be made whole and complete in you. It’s really a stage of metamorphosis, but we rarely see it that way… something beautiful comes from our pain and struggles. We are not left empty and broken, we are filled up with more of you and changed into Christ’s image…we become refined and purified and more precious to you than gold. You bring beauty from ashes. You bring life from death. You lift up those the world puts down… you see past outside appearances to what’s inside…you see past all that we are, to all that we will be. We thank you Lord, that your ways are not our ways and your thoughts are high above ours.

Please help us to see things with spiritual eyes and maturity. We thank you for what we have to look forward to. The world can be such a harsh place, but you are good and everything you do, you do well. Blessed be your name, Lord. We love you and praise you. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

May you feel His peace and presence today!
In His love,

©Debbie Kay, Hope For The Broken Hearted

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