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Prayer For April 2nd

April 2, 2017

Hello, Friends! Here is the prayer for today…

Our Father,

Your Word tells us that you are the God of hope and that we should rejoice in hope… we know that to be human means we will grieve, but as a believer we grieve with hope…you don’t tell us not to grieve…you don’t tell us not to cry, or not to have heavy hearts when we see those we love suffer. You don’t tell us not to have broken hearts when we see pain and heartache and all that is wrong in this world…you don’t tell us not to mourn when we see relationships fall apart …you tell us there is a time to mourn… you tell us to grieve with those who grieve… you tell us that those who mourn are blessed, because they will be comforted by you…you, the God of all creation, promise to comfort us and to wipe away our tears…how thankful we are for your loving care for us, Father. You know every emotion we face… you understand all we go through… you understand us better than we understand ourselves…you know our needs before we ask… you know how hard life is, but you don’t want us to despair…you don’t want us to give up… you  want us to rejoice in hope and keep looking up because our redemption is drawing near…
Lord, may every hurting, heavy heart be filled up with hope as they remember your words and your truth. May they remember this is not our home and we are only passing through… you have gone before us and prepared a place for those who love you. May we all remember your goodness and all of your promises that you have kept… our hope is not in people, places, principalities or things…our hope is in you, the One True Living God and your word is truth…your Word brings life…your promises are for yesterday, today and forever…you will not fail to be near to the broken-hearted or to bind their wounds… you will not fail to turn our mourning to dancing… we have the hope of glory and  we can look forward to the wonderful reunions that await with loved ones who have gone before us…we have a future with you that we can’t even begin to comprehend…

Father, please pour out your grace  and bring healing and hope as only you can. We thank you in advance for all you will do. In the name of our beloved Savior Jesus we ask these things. Amen.

May you be overtaken by His hope, joy and peace today!

Blessings, hugs and love,

©Debbie Kay, Hope For The Broken Hearted

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