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Prayer For Sept. 27th

September 27, 2017

Hello, Friends! Here is the prayer for today…

Dear Heavenly Father,

We want to lift up to you today all who are dealing with the aftermath of natural disasters, tragedies and wars. There are so many whose lives are turned upside down …the media doesn’t speak of them very much after they move on to the next story… those who are suffering are seemingly forgotten, but you see all who are suffering and  you know each person by name…you  see the communities and countries that are utterly devastated and destroyed and without power, water, food, jobs, places to live, transportation and the basics needed to sustain life.

Father, the needs are so vast and so great, but nothing is too hard for you…you are the God who provides, redeems and restores… please open your store houses…please make roadways in the wilderness…please do what only you can do…please rain down and drench this world with your mercy and grace and fill the hearts of your people with purpose, passion and compassion…please move the hearts of those who can help financially and with other needed resources…please send people to help bring comfort and consolation so people do not feel forgotten, abandoned, alone or without hope…may your church rise up and be the hands and feet of Jesus to the hurting and the needy like never before…may we be lights in the darkness that point the way to you…may many turn to you in the midst of these desperate times…may our hearts be filled with your compassion and may we be moved to pray without ceasing for this world, for all who don’t know you and all who are in need.

There is so much chaos, division, anger, bitterness and evil in the world…so many  have the wrong priorities… they fill their minds and days with worthless things that will not matter in a year, let alone in eternity…help us to live each day with an eternal perspective…help us to live intentionally and not waste our days…we have no control over anyone but ourselves, but we can be agents of good  where we are at…starting in our homes and then branching out…we can show your love to others…we can share a smile, a word of encouragement, a prayer, a helping hand…one person at a time we can make a difference…if we all made it a priority to pray more and complain less…to do a random act of kindness daily…if we treated people the way we wanted to be treated…if we treated our neighbors as ourselves and did unto others as we would to Jesus, what a change we would see in this world…the needs are great and the workers are few…may we be willing to say “here I am, Lord, use me”…may we be willing to pray big and bold prayers …there are so many prayers that you have answers for that we have yet to pray…teach us and use us for your purpose and glory. In Jesus’ name we ask these things. Amen

Praying your every need will be met!

In His love,

©Debbie Kay, Hope For The Broken Hearted




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