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Prayer For Feb. 10th

February 10, 2018

Hello, Friends! Here is today’s prayer…

Dear Lord,

Many who are praying with us feel like they have come to the end of themselves…some feel depleted in every area of their lives… please help them to see that when we come to the end of our resources, we find yours… when we come to the end of our strength, we find yours… when we can’t rescue ourselves, we find that you are our rescuer…when things are dark, we become more aware of your light … sometimes you allow us to get to a place where we are flat on our back, so we will have nowhere to look but up…sometimes we are forced to take a rest, so we learn to slow down… so we learn to take better care of ourselves…so we will re-evaluate our priorities and the things that consume our time… so we will take nothing for granted…sometimes you allow things to come to a crashing halt, so we have no distractions and so you will have our undivided attention…so we we learn to lean on you and trust in you…so we are reminded that it is you who provides and meets our needs…sometimes we become so stressed and overwhelmed because we think if we don’t do things, they won’t get done…we think everything depends on us and our strength and power… we forget that everything we do and everything we have, comes from your hand…sometimes we need to see things from a fresh perspective…sometimes we need a reminder that we aren’t in control, but you are…you alone are what is necessary and needed above all else…

There are so many stories in Your word of people who thought they had reached the end…they thought they were finished and could go no further…but you are a God of surprises and restoration…we may think we are broken beyond repair, but like clay in the potters hand, you are shaping, redefining, improving and making our lives into something better…like the caterpillar and the butterfly… what looks like the end, is sometimes a new beginning…help us to believe that there is more going on than what can be seen and felt…help us to not grow impatient when nothing seems to be happening…sometimes we face hardships and troubles just so we can see how you solve things…so we really learn what faith in you can do…

Please fill us with your Holy Spirit…help us to seek you and search you out like never before…may our trials refine us and make us more into Christ’s image…may people see you in us in the midst of our struggles…you never promised us an easy life, but you promised us your strength and grace to see us through…We love you Lord. May we be teachable and pliable in your hands. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen

May you feel His nearness today!

In His love,

©Debbie Kay, Hope For The Broken Hearted

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