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Prayer For April 5th

April 5, 2018

Hello Friends! Here is today’s prayer…

Dear Lord,

Please help us to hear your voice, to walk in your ways and keep to surrender our will to your own…we want to be led by you…we want to be teachable and pliable in your hands…you are the potter and we are the clay…help us to  be better and do better in every area of our lives so we represent you well…help us to be agents of goodness, kindness and compassion everywhere we go…may we bear much fruit for you and your kingdom.

May the things we post on social media bring encouragement and hope to others and point the way to you…there has never been an age like we are living in… a time where our words and actions have the potential to impact so many and so quickly… there’s never been a time where our prayers, actions, words and deeds are so needed to be used as a source of good and as a source of comfort and healing …we are needed  to be a voice of reason and hope in a world that has lost its way…we pray for those who are so lost and blinded by things of this world.

Help us to not grow weary in doing good…help us to not become discouraged when it seems like our efforts are in vain…help us to remember that we just plant seeds, you and your Spirit do the rest…we often long to leave this world and it’s hardships behind…we know it is far better to be with you, but there are so many who don’t know you…so many who need you…so many who need to be encouraged and uplifted…may we be concerned for those around us and for those who have no voice…

Help us to remember that we can’t always see or know what someone else is going through…so many are suffering in silence…help us to be sensitive to your voice that we might recognize those in need around us…help us to be perceptive and tuned into your Spirit…..may people see you in us…we thank you for the assurance that good will triumph over evil and  that nothing can stop your plans or what you have ordained… we love you Lord and we thank you for pouring yourself into us…We give you this day and ask you to lead and guide us. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen

May you find peace and joy in Him today.

In His love,

©Debbie Kay, Hope For The Broken Hearted

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