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Prayer For June 23rd

June 23, 2018

Hello Friends! Here is today’s prayer…

Dear Lord,

There is so much about faith that we don’t understand…so much about you we can’t begin to comprehend…you and your ways are such a mystery to us… we know for now, our minds can’t begin to fully take in your limitless, miraculous and all-powerful ways…but you have told us and assured of so much in your Word…

You tell believers, it no longer us who live, but it is Christ who lives within us…we are clothed with your power and righteousness…we are baptized with your Spirit who comforts us, leads us, guides us, intercedes for us and empowers us…for everyone who is feeling defeated or discouraged…for everyone who is in a place of questioning or doubting…please reveal yourself in a way that they realize that you are there with them and that you are who you say you are…

Throughout history there have always been times when you are silent…it doesn’t mean that you aren’t listening or watching… the times of silence and waiting always serve a purpose…you never turn away or take your eyes off us…you never get distracted or become too busy to bother with us…you have gone to extraordinary lengths to fulfill every promise and prophecy in your Word…

You know each star by name and hold each one in place…you have known each of us before we were in our mother’s wombs…Christ lives within us…your Spirit is within us…when we remember those facts how can we ever feel like we are abandoned, forgotten, ignored or neglected by you? You see all, you know all, you have prepared for everything that you have allowed to touch our lives…we are not on our own, you are within us and you can be no closer than that…

May each of us embrace the truth of who you are and who we are in you…help us to grasp like we never have before these incredible truths…may that knowledge stir within us courage, boldness and deeper faith…may it help us to rise up with your power and strength so we can reach our full potential and become all you know we can be…so we achieve all you know we are capable of… help us to tune out the voices that go against your Word…help us to take our thoughts captive so we don’t entertain and feed discouraging thoughts that go against your truth…may we be reminded daily that Christ is within us…The Prince of Peace has made our hearts His home…The ONE who defeated death is within us sustaining us and strengthening us and He is greater than anything in this world…help us to be aware and passionate about the miraculous truth that it is no longer us who live, but Christ who lives within us. In the name of Jesus we ask these things. Amen

May you see yourselves as He sees you friends!

In His love,

©Debbie Kay, Hope For The Broken Hearted

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