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Prayer For Sept. 3rd

September 3, 2018

Hello, Friends! Here is the prayer for today…

Dear Heavenly Father,

We thank You for the beauty of this world…we thank You for Your promise of a future that is more wonderful than our minds can begin to comprehend. We are grateful that our trials and afflictions which seem to go on endlessly, are only temporary when compared to eternity… we are grateful that the difficulties of this life can’t begin to compare to the joy that is coming…the beauty that is coming…the healing and restoration that is coming…what seems too hard, too long and impossible to endure here, is just the blink of an eye compared with eternity.

Sometimes we are too tired to walk any further…too numb and empty to care…too exhausted to want to try to hold on…you know each person who is in these hard places…Your eye is upon them and You hear all the silent cries and inner longings… May the weary feel your hand on their shoulder…may they feel the weariness being lifted from them…we plead for Your mercy and grace to fill their hearts to overflowing…may they find healing and hope and a new sense of purpose and revived vitality…

Even Jesus knew what it was like to feel weary and to feel the weight of heavy burdens and demands. He would go off by Himself to pray and to spend time with You. Help us to follow His example…help us to recognize that if Jesus had to recharge by being in Your presence, then we have an even greater need to do so. We pray that we will have the wisdom, insight and determination to use the tools and armor You have given us …when the battles are raging and the fighting is fierce, it is not the time to give up, it’s the time to fight harder… it’s the time to make a stand so we don’t lose any further ground…it’s the time to fight to take back the things that the enemy has tried to steal from us…it’s the time to call on You and Your angel armies and trust you to do what we can’t…help us to remember we do not fight alone. You have solutions and answers waiting for prayers that we have yet to even pray and because we are Yours, victory is ours.

Please help us to keep moving forward and to keep looking up to You. In the name of Jesus we ask these things. Amen

Praying blessings of peace, comfort and strength for each of you!

In His love,

©Debbie Kay, Hope For The Broken Hearted

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  1. September 3, 2018 2:32 pm

    Hi Debbie, I and my husband just wanted to tell you how much your prayers (that I signed up) for have BLESSED US BOTH so many times! We are both adult survivors of abuse. Childhood abuses for both of us-mine brutal ongoing physical abuse, covert and overt sexual abuse as well as emotional, verbal and spiritual abuses by BOTH parents. Plus I witnessed Domestic Violence between both parents almost daily. Was always terrorized and lived in fear of being killed. As a young adult, I was so intent on getting away from that house of horrors that I married as soon as I graduated college (I wasn’t permitted to go away to college or leave home until I married). As happens all to often with abuse survivors, I married another abuser. I don’t know what “normal” relationships were. I finally divorced him after 10 years of physical and emotional and verbal abuses-over the objections of my sick family who enjoyed my suffering. I got counseling for a long time. These traumas led to lifelong PTSD. Yes, I’m one of the “Broken-hearted” you send prayers to. My husband suffered several horrific years of abuse at a very young age by a neighbor. He suffered silently keeping it secret until he was an adult and disclosed it and sought help. But he had a stable home. We met each other, married and have been happy, content, inseparable always. Praise God. And we both got saved as married individuals. We had to have VERY limited contact with my family as married adults. My family has continued to be abusive to us as a couple. Tried often to come between us and break us up. Strife always when with them or even over the phone! Our boundaries on their abuses of us led to a long period of No Contact at all. They wouldn’t accept that. Their ultimate retaliation was to act with extreme violence towards us. A planned, surprise ambush on us at their house with a hockey stick wielded from a hiding place behind a wall as we tried to leave (after they’d lured us there with false apologies, etc..the whole “act” of manipulation and guilt trip and tears-exploiting our Christian forgiving hearts, wanting to please God..) My husband saved my life by stepping in front of me so the stick didn’t kill me. That’s what was being screamed at me-“I’ll f@&$ing KILL YOU!!” as the hockey stick was swung at me. My poor husband came to my screams not knowing what was happening and took the surprise attack. He was brutally bludgeoned by the hockey stick over and over and over in the face, head and his eye. He now has lost vision in one eye permanently. He has severe facial nerve damage causing an incurable condition known as the “suicide disease” because of he 24/7 pain called the “worst pain known to mankind”. Worse than childbirth Drs say. He has to take multiple medications that have rendered him so weak and fatigued his life has been completely altered. Both our lives have been altered forever by his injuries and the trauma of the attack on us both BY MY FAMILY! My very codependent siblings-also abused all their lives by both parents-are siding with the ATTACKERS! Because I called the police on them. They think I should have “given them a pass” because it’s “family” and because the violence is “nothing “new in our family”!! So very sick. They are all mounting a smear campaign about us-the obvious victims (there are explicit picture taken by police and by me)-with blatant lies to others about what happened because they’ve been exposed for what they are and are finally being held accountable. I’m hated because of holding them accountable for their extreme violence!! How disturbing is that? And people are falling for it! We’ve of course had to go completely “NO CONTACT” with ALL my family, mutual “friends” (who “don’t want to take sides”!!) and all their lifelong enablers (my extended family who witnessed the childhood abuse many times and did nothing to help us helpless children. They lived upstairs and next door! They now still remain silent and want to continue to cover it up.) We had to purge all those who stand with evil or who know the evil is true and choose to do and say nothing to support us the victims. So we stand so alone. We had to leave church because my family (“professed Christians”-their public “masks” all their lives- BUT NOT behind closed doors!) attends there. And they’ve smeared us there. We won’t defend ourselves to anyone. We have JESUS AS OUR DEFENDER AND VINDICATOR. Being so alone has brought us so so much closer to Jesus as we rely on Him alone. That part has been a gift! But I wanted you to know we read aloud your Spirit-anointed prayers and sometimes cry because they are SO relevant and perfect for what we are going through. God bless you sister Debbie for your ministry. God is surely pleased with you!! We thank Him for the blessing of your prayers. In Christ, Karen


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