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Prayer For Feb. 5th

February 5, 2019

Hello Friends! Here is the prayer for today…

Dear Lord,

The enemy comes to rob, steal and destroy and he will often use people as his instruments of destruction.  Please help us to guard our hearts. Please lead and guide us and help us to hear your still small voice that sends us warning signs when something is not right. Help us learn to trust the intuition that you give us so we can avoid when possible, situations with people who will bring devastation into our lives.

For everyone who is in a relationship of any kind with a difficult person…for all who are dealing with emotional trauma or stress from someone who is abusive or toxic…for everyone who is dealing with someone who constantly puts their own needs before others, we ask for your divine intervention. You know the stress and the strain…you see the tears, the crushed dreams, the frustration, the rejection, the battered self-esteem and the sadness that fills each heart.

You know everyone who has been slandered, lied to and cheated on and those who have had their needs invalidated and slighted. You know each one who has had their reputation smeared and everyone who has been gossiped about. You know each one who deals with someone who never takes responsibility for their actions and who always blames their bad behavior on someone or something else. You know all who have done their best, with the best of intentions…who have given of themselves with love in their heart, only to be told that it wasn’t good enough…that their motives weren’t pure or their actions were misconstrued in some way…

Please heal hurting hearts. Please restore all that the enemy has taken. Please help the injured to find safety, comfort and peace. May we be reminded in these situations that Jesus understands…he was rejected, despised, mistreated, lied about, betrayed, gossiped about, slandered. He knows what it is like to be innocent and yet judged wrongly and harshly. He knows and understands more than anyone else can…

Lord, even if this is not our own situation, we intercede and pray for all who are enduring these things and the things that people can’t see behind closed doors…For all who are depressed because they think that there is no hope of ever escaping abuse…no hope of anything changing or getting better in their circumstances, we ask that you show them signs of your nearness. Please make a way where there seems to be no way. Please lead them to freedom, peace and safety. We look to you to crush and thwart the enemy’s schemes and to redeem and restore as only you can. Please meet every need spoken and unspoken for everyone who is praying with us this day. In the name of Jesus we ask these things. Amen

God bless you friends!
Much love in Him,


©Debbie Kay, Hope For The Broken Hearted

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